Kohl's Cares Salina Yoon Books

One of the ways that I have built up my personal library is by buying the Kohl Cares books when they come out every season. I usually pick up the books and the stuff animals. I am getting to the point though where I think I may have more than enough stuff animals, but I believe I can still make room for more books. The reason it is hard for me to not get the stuff animals is because all children are different and identify with different books that I read to them. In my classroom, I can have a child obsessed with Pete the Cat, an elephant, a dinosaur, or a bear. All based on different stories I have read to them. For that reason, I am often reluctant to not get the stuff animal as well as I know it will encourage pretend play and conversation. I'll see students reading books to their favorite stuff animal. I will see them moving their stuff animal to different parts of the room while acting out different scenarios. They will tell me what their stuff animal likes and does not like. And because they have built a connection with the stuff animals through the stories we have read, they take care of them like nobody's business. It is the same with the books. I actually let the kids read the same books that I read to them. I have never had any tears or inappropriate play with the books. Since they have always heard the stories before the books are placed in their area, they have an appreciation for the books. At some point, this respect transfers to all books whether they have heard the stories before or not.

This weekend, I went into Kohl's to get the latest books available by Salina Yoon. They are all adorable stories that talk about different circumstances and the feelings surrounding them. I cannot wait to read the kids these stories this week! Last week, I had read to them another Salina Yoon book, Does a Cow Meow?, and they loved it!

I am not affiliated with Kohl's and I have not been compensated by them, but I wanted to share this information as it has been a wonderful way to build up my library.

Pete the Cat and Bear are not from Kohls

April 18 2016