SandyReads Videos

Today I realized that my youtube channel has 13 subscribers! I am so excited to know that people are enjoying the videos. I keep seeing the number of views go up! In my own classroom, I noticed that some kids would read along with me the first time I was reading the book in the classroom. They already had an attachment to the story and were already at the "loving the book" stage. I am excited to know that the parents are finding this as an useful tool. It was my wish that the parents would feel a connection to the classroom by knowing the books that we read in the classroom. It was my hope that this would allow for discussion about books. I have heard from parents, that their kids come home talking about the books we have read in the classroom. I am excited that the parents can view the videos themselves to see what their children are talking about. I also hope that this may introduce the parents to new authors as they look for new books to read to their kids at home!

While this seems to be working on that front, I have realized that this channel is also being seen by people that do not know me personally! I am excited that other people are finding it to be useful and I hope that they are gaining inspiration from the videos as well. This is something that I work on with my sister. It is a nice hobby for us, and we truly enjoy doing it. I hope that as time goes on I will get to know some of the subscribers and know more about your needs! 

Thank you for watching our videos! You've made our day. 

May 1 2016